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key findings Moms on social networks are active participants, not just passive consumers As mentioned above, moms are turning to social networks for many purposes from social to recreational to informational. And once there, these moms are not just passive consumers reading blogs and viewing others’ profile pages; they are increasingly active participants in social networks: found blogging, photo sharing, designing personal profile pages, chatting with others, engaging in group discussions, and playing games, as well as initiating new online friendships and building communities based on interests. Many factors influence a mom’s social networking behavior Which social network activities a mom engages in depends on who she is. Moms on social networks are not a homogeneous group. They represent a diverse range of demographic and social characteristics—from the introverted 21-year-old new mom in an urban area, to the highly social 40-something mom with three teens from suburban middle America. These factors—combined with things like personal values and motivations, life experiences, and comfort with technology, shape moms’ patterns of social networking behavior. Reviewing survey responses combined with a deeper look at actual social network behavior during the study period, CafeMom identified five distinct segments of socially connected moms: • The Self Expressor • The Utility Mom • The Groupster • The Infoseeker • The Hyperconnector Read on to understand more about each type, learn specific marketing strategies to reach and engage each segment, and leverage their valuable interactions on social networks. 19 Digital Mom 2009

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